About Us

One day, I was sitting in the mall, when I seen this fine little light skinned thing come walking by. I stopped her, and asked for the digits! She said “No.” I said “Why?” She said “Cause I got a man!” Just as those words slipped out of her mouth some muscle bound idiot came up and grabbed her hand. He looked me up and down thinking I’d be intimidated. Sorry! I wasn’t. I stood toe to toe with this oversizes simpleton! Looked him up and down and noticed he was wearing some obviously fake Jordan Bred 11’s. I could tell cause his tag was on the 4th space! This immediately made me examine the girl closer too! and she had fake boobs and her looked like she just cut it off of a Clydesdale! At this point I grew furious I couldn’t believe it! These two fakes belong together! I made eye contact with both of them and spit right in their face! I hate fakes! This website was created solely out of the hate for fakes!